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GyanAI Explainable Language Model

First Explainable Language Model Based Natural Language Processing Engine

Gyan Launches the World's First Explainable Language Model and Research Engine
March 14, 2023
Gyan today announces that it is launching the world's first explainable language model and natural language understanding engine. Based on its proprietary technology, Gyan delivers on the promise of explainable AI with a model that understands 'meaning' as close as possible to the way humans do. Gyan is fully explainable and a user can trace all of its results back to its source. It can provide reasoning for its output. Gyan's output is a mix of extractive and generative text.

GyanAI Natural Language Understanding

The Challenge

The explosive expansion of content stands in sharp contrast with the capabilities of current search and organization technologies. The near impossible task of gleaning meaningful knowledge, discovering relevant content, organizing and synthesizing it, only gets more difficult every day.

Introducing Gyan

Gyan is an auto curating, self-organizing research engine based on the first explainable language model. Given a research question, Gyan first casts a wide net to capture content, then through comprehensive analysis filters it down to that which is most relevant, organizes and synthesizes it. It is unbiased, fully explainable and easy to maintain.
Gyan Integrate Foundation Models

Gyan Enterprise

Unlock value buried in your enterprise content. Combine your corporate repositories with external content, and open it up to deep research, auto-curation and discovery.
GyanAI Enterprise
Unpack, aggregate and synthesize your corporate knowledge base and combine it with content from external sources into an intelligent information network.

Gyan Foundation Models

Gyan Foundation Models integrate vertical specific corpuses with Gyan.  Gyan Foundation Models corpuses are pre-processed with Gyan to create explainable Gyan knowledge stores.  Gyan Foundation Models provide rich relevant knowledge and insight for domain specific research queries.

The Industries We Focus On

GyanAI Finance


GyanAI Life Sciences

Life Sciences

GyanAI Publishing


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