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GyanAI help higher education institutions

Agile Continuous Learning

Gyan leverages AI to help higher education institutions with personalized learning pathways, open response assessment, course content discovery, and more.


Learning content presented based on a personalized learning path

GyanAI Assessment


Open text assessment, against a rubric, explainable

Lifelong Learning

Continuous Knowledge Portal, Assessments, Credentials

Continuous Knowledge Portal

Knowledge collection on a broad range of topics

Course Authoring

Structure a course around Gyan sourced content. Integrate with your LMS


Discover, curate, synthesize content

Discussion on GyanAI Personalized Learning Modular at Times Higher Education

Photo Credit: Times Higher Education

Gyan & Times Higher Education Hold Discussion on Personalized Learning
 As demand grows for modular courses and credentials to suit lifelong learners, automation can help institutions promote and support agile continuous learning. At a Times Higher Education round table held at the THE World Academic Summit, sector leaders from around the world discussed how framing digital strategies can set institutions up to offer personalized lifelong learning.

Gyan's Founder Speaks at Times Higher Education Conference
 We know that artificial intelligence can help curate and deliver content to learners, but how can we exploit AI to build a holistic learning experience and support career paths? Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, the Founder & Chair of Gyan, spoke at the Times Higher Education’s Digital Universities Week in May 2022 and shared his insights on how higher education institutions can make the most of artificial intelligence for agile learning.

GyanAI's Founder Speaks at Times Higher Education Conference

Photo Credit: Times Higher Education

The Technology

The technology powering the solution, Gyan’s patented AI engine, is fully explainable, removes noise from large content collections, identifies the most relevant content, and ultimately speeds up knowledge acquisition. It overcomes fundamental limitations of search engines such as bias, commercially influenced results, the information-bubble effect and opaque page ranking algorithms.

GyanAI Accelerate Agile Learning

Learn how Gyan can accelerate your transition to Continuous Agile Learning

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