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Gyan Research Assistant

Discover, explore, and learn using Gyan’s  auto-curating, self-organizing  Research Assistant.

Discover new insights. Use Gyan knowledge maps to visually navigate through content. Keep your research results continuously updated.

Overcoming the biggest obstacles of Generative AI

  • No Hallucinations.
  • No IP Infringements.
  • No Data Infringements.
  • Not a black box.
  • Full auditability & traceability of results down to specific sentences in source documents.
  • No cut-off dates. Operates only on current content.
  • No inconsistency. The same answer for the same query every time.

Gyan’s Explainable Language Model

Gyan analysis is always grounded on content discovered by Gyan or specified by you. All results are traceable down to specific sentences in source content.

The Value

Asset 29_4x_edited.png

Intelligent Discovery

Gyan acts as a metasearch engine, sourcing content from multiple sources identified by Gyan or specified by you, retrieving the most relevant results from across all sources.

network (1).png

Knowledge Graphs

Visually navigate through content in articles, individually or collectively. Discover unexpected connections. Fully traceable to source.

Asset 28_4x_edited.png

Summary and Synthesis

A summary is generated for each article along with a synthesized summary for all articles. Gyan summaries are traceable to specific sentences in source articles.


Continuous Updates

Gyan results are updated at a frequency specified by you.

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