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Consulting with GyanAI Power Your Firm's Research & Solutions

Power Your Firm's Research
Gyan for Consulting

Gyan delivers new insights by discovering, curating and synthesizing content from your internal knowledge repository, as well as the web.

The Value

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Discover Relevant Insights

Using advanced AI technology, Gyan can find you the most relevant and up-to-date information. 

Connect the Dots

Gyan synthesizes content across all of your research, allowing you to see common themes and connections.

Reduce Research Time

Gyan can significantly reduce your research time, allowing your team to focus on other key tasks.

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Organize Information

Gyan neatly organizes all of your research results and presents them in a clear, organized format.

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Gyan saves firms 80% of research discovery time. 

Stuck on where to begin you research efforts?

Just plug in your research topic into Gyan and it will not only identify and organize relevant information for you, but also suggest related research areas that you would have never thought of.

Feeling overwhelmed with the exponential growth of information?

Whenever there is new research and insights being published on any of your research topics, Gyan will send you alerts, so that your team is always up to date.

Is your internal content not being properly utilized?

Consulting firms have troves of information, including white papers, case studies, and other key documents. Gyan can discover knowledge and surface insights from this gold mine of content. 

The Technology

No black boxes.
Designed for sparse data situations.
Analysis is always in the context of an entire document.

GyanAI Knowledge

Learn How Gyan can Power Your Firm's Research

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