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Gyan Founder & U.S. Congressman speak to CBS about the potential impact of ChatGPT 
On January 26th, Venkat Srinivasan (Founder of Gyan) spoke about the impact that ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) may have on society, particularly on education. CBS Boston also interviewed U.S. Congressman Jake Auchincloss to get his insights on this important new trend in technology.

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The Problem

The explosive expansion of content stands in sharp contrast with the lack of tools to navigate our brave new world of systemic information overload. The near impossible task of gleaning meaningful knowledge, discovering relevant content, organizing and synthesizing it, only gets more difficult every day.
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Introducing Gyan

Gyan is an auto-curating, self-organizing AI research engine. Given a research question, Gyan first casts a wide net to capture content, then through comprehensive analysis filters it down to that which is most relevant, organizes and synthesizes it. It is unbiased, fully explainable and easy to maintain.
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Gyan Enterprise

Unlock value buried in your enterprise content. Combine your corporate repositories with external content, and open it up to deep research, auto-curation and discovery.
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Unpack, aggregate and synthesize your corporate knowledge base and combine it with content from external sources into an intelligent information network.

The Industries We Focus On

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Gyan Personal

Your personal research assistant.
Save 80% of your research discovery time. Expect unexpected connections and insights.
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