The World’s First Auto Curating Research Application

Deeper understanding of unstructured content.

Human-analogous, unbiased and auto-curated.

Gyan Enterprise combines your corporate repositories with external content, and opens it up to deep research, auto-curation and dynamic generation of updated knowledge:

  • Unpack, aggregate and synthesize your corporate knowledge base and combine it with content from external sources into an intelligent information network.

  • Explore, research, re-orient content, discover new insights and unexpected connections in your augmented corporate knowledge base.

  • Generate auto-curated synthesized units of content with summaries, visual navigation across articles, turn on continuous updates to include emerging information in real time.

Gyan Enterprise

Gyan Consumer

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Gyan Consumer is an auto-curating research application that

simplifies, accelerates and enriches the research process by discovering content based on relevance, synthesizing it, identifying major themes and topics, organizing everything in one place and delivering new insights from the web or your content repository in real-time, and keeping it continuously updated.


Gyan AI

The Gyan AI enables automated, human-analogous understanding of unstructured content from documents, articles, communications (emails, call transcripts), semi-structured documents (contracts, policies), as well as telegraphic text (customer or employee surveys).

Applies a compositional language model to understand a document

Not based on word patterns or word-based distributional semantics

Designed for sparse data situations

Does not require a large training set. Can operate on a corpus of one

Applies fully explainable AI

No black boxes


Analysis is always in context of an entire document

Retains complete context integrity of a document

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